I Love Dinosaurs

We are three kids and our Mom who love dinosaurs. We like to read about them and learn about them. We will be exploring the internet to find cool dinosaur stuff and we will tell you about it here. We will tell you all about our adventures too!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Breaking News from our friends

Hi! Our friends Pippa and Judy and their mom, Elizabeth sent us these great sites. We cant' wait to explore them and tell you how we liked them. Maybe you could visit them and let us know what you think!

Breaking news for dino-kids! There may have been much more mammal life co-existing with dinosaurs than scientists first thought --

  • Jurassic Beavers co-existing with dinosaurs

  • CBC site -- may be fun has printables

  • a visit to Drumheller, Alberta

  • Two Museum of Nature paleontologists investigate how accurate Disney's Dinosaur movie is.

  • A look at rare Spinosauraus skeleton, with facts

  • If you can play movies you can Walk the Chasmosaur

  • Good Canadian source mentioning some early fossil-hunters

  • Today we are going to hear a real Paleontologist talk about fossils!
    We'll let you know all about it next time.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Our visit to Courtenay Museum

    Originally uploaded by OGeorge.

    This is a picture of a Tylosaurus, a relative of the Mosasaur. It was created by Olduvai George (artist, Carl Buell).

    Last week we went to Courtney Museum. We saw an Elasmosaur (here's a photo of it) and a Mosasaur and a lungfish. We also saw some cards with drawings from other kids who had visited them too. Their website has a great page for kids with cool jigsaw puzzles and the story of a girl named Heather Trask who found the elasmosaur with her dad.

    We read a news story today about how a paleontologist thinks that plesiosaurs ate bottom living creatures like clams and snails. They found the undigested bits of food still in its guts. They think that it used the gastroliths in its stomach to grind up the shells.

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    Exploring Olduvai George

    M. columbi layer 2
    Originally uploaded by OGeorge.

    Today we spent a couple of hours exploring the blog of Olduvai George, or illustrator, Carl Buell. We really enjoyed seeing how he made his mammoth. It was cool to see the different stages.

    We also went and visited the blog of his new friend, Carl Brest Van Kempen, Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding. We enjoyed his pictures, too. Especially the frogs.

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    Our favourite paleontologist--Paul Sereno

    The first video we ever saw about a paleontologist was the National Geographic special "I Love Dinosaurs", which showed Paul Sereno digging up Jobaria. We really loved the part where he went to the Bowmanville Zoo and worked with Angus the elephant. We loved it so much that when we went to Ontario last summer, we got our Gramma to take us to visit Angus. He was amazing. We are so glad that he has gone to Africa to be with other really big elephants (Mom's note: they don't know, don't tell them, please!).

    We visited Paul Sereno's site today and really liked it! We visited all the dinosaurs he has discovered. We liked all of them except Sarcosuchus, the Super Croc. It scared us too much and we wouldn't let our mom watch the cool movie. (Darn! says mom...)

    We also checked out Project Exploration that was started by Paul Sereno and his wife Gabrielle Lyons. It looks like they have some really cool things for kids to do. We'll have to visit it again and read some of the reports by kids on what they did.

    We'd like to visit Paul Sereno one day. We think he is really cool.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Our first post

    We found this cool post about Spinosaurus and a longer article here. It turns out that Spinosaurus may have been a lot bigger than T-Rex.