I Love Dinosaurs

We are three kids and our Mom who love dinosaurs. We like to read about them and learn about them. We will be exploring the internet to find cool dinosaur stuff and we will tell you about it here. We will tell you all about our adventures too!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Terrific Thylacines

We have really been enjoying visiting the Thylacine Museum. Even though Thylacines aren't dinosaurs, they are prehistoric. They were marsupials (like kangaroos and koalas) that originated in the late Pleistocene (about 10,000 years ago) and existed in Tasmania until 1936 when the last known Thylacine died in captivity. They were also known as the Tasmanian Tiger.

We are sad that people killed all of the Thylacines. There are some scientists who are hoping they can make a clone of a Thylacine and bring them back. Just like some others are hoping to bring back Mammoths. We hope that they will be successful.

The Thylacine Museum has lots of pictures, information and even some movies!!