I Love Dinosaurs

We are three kids and our Mom who love dinosaurs. We like to read about them and learn about them. We will be exploring the internet to find cool dinosaur stuff and we will tell you about it here. We will tell you all about our adventures too!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Our visit to Courtenay Museum

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This is a picture of a Tylosaurus, a relative of the Mosasaur. It was created by Olduvai George (artist, Carl Buell).

Last week we went to Courtney Museum. We saw an Elasmosaur (here's a photo of it) and a Mosasaur and a lungfish. We also saw some cards with drawings from other kids who had visited them too. Their website has a great page for kids with cool jigsaw puzzles and the story of a girl named Heather Trask who found the elasmosaur with her dad.

We read a news story today about how a paleontologist thinks that plesiosaurs ate bottom living creatures like clams and snails. They found the undigested bits of food still in its guts. They think that it used the gastroliths in its stomach to grind up the shells.