I Love Dinosaurs

We are three kids and our Mom who love dinosaurs. We like to read about them and learn about them. We will be exploring the internet to find cool dinosaur stuff and we will tell you about it here. We will tell you all about our adventures too!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We're back!

Hi everybody!
Our Mom got a bit overwhelmed and we were really busy with having fun outside and then with back to school time, but now we are back with new adventures.

We are excited about starting to plan our trip to the Royal Tyrrell Museum next summer. We are starting to learn about all of the things that we will see on our way there. We are also starting to learn about the geology and stratigraphy (the layers of rock and earth that are formed at different times in the planet's history) of that area so we will know where to look for fossils when we get there.

Dr. Will has sent us more great information and pictures. We will work on that post now.

Thanks to all of you who have sent us messages. We really appreciate you visiting us! And we enjoyed our visit to Adventure Boy's site too! We really liked the picture of the Hadrosaur. We thought it was a Muttabarrasaurus because of the crest on its snout. And we also liked the lions by the cave.