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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Chat with Dr. Phil Currie

Thanks to the cool folks over at discoverychannel.ca for creating an opportunity to visit with Dr. Phil Currie at his current dig at Alberta's Dry Island Park. Along with many other dino enthusiasts, we got to ask Dr. Currie a question:

Hi Dr. Currie, What is the oldest (ancestral) tryannosaurid found so far and where was it found?

His Answer: Dear Dinokids (& mom). The oldest tyrannosaurids known are from China and come from two different places...
Guanlong is a late Jurassic crested form, while Dilong

is a feathered form that is about the size of a German shepherd. Phil - 07:07:26 9:34 pm ET

Thanks Dr. Currie!!